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Project Brief: The Luxurious Lounge and Kitchen Renovation by Redfox Builders

Hot on the heels of a successful bathroom renovation, our clients entrusted us with the transformation of their lounge and kitchen area. They were eager to extend the opulent marble effect from the bathroom into these spaces. However, this project came with an additional request – the installation of underfloor heating beneath the tiles. This requirement involved removing the old flooring, evening out the floor with renewed structures, installing the underfloor wiring, rendering, and finally, laying the tiles. This multi-step process, while straightforward, posed a unique set of challenges that the Redfox Builders team was ready to tackle.

Challenges & Solutions: Navigating the Underfloor Heating Installation and Tiling

This project required careful planning and meticulous execution. The key challenges and solutions were:

  • Removal and Levelling of Existing Floor: The first challenge was the removal of the old flooring and the need to create a level floor for the underfloor heating system. Our team of experts efficiently removed the existing flooring and utilized advanced techniques to ensure a smooth and even floor structure.

  • Underfloor Heating Installation: Installing underfloor heating is a delicate process that requires careful planning and precision. Our team installed the heating wiring in a way that ensured even heat distribution throughout the lounge and kitchen area.

  • Rendering and Tiling: Once the underfloor heating was installed, the floor was rendered to create a smooth surface for the tiling. The luxurious marble-effect tiles were then carefully laid to ensure a seamless finish and aesthetic continuity with the bathroom.

Results: A Luxurious Lounge and Kitchen with Underfloor Heating

Our clients were delighted with the final result. The lounge and kitchen now boasted underfloor heating, providing a warm and cozy environment during those chilly days. The marble-effect tiles added a touch of luxury to the spaces, creating a seamless flow from the bathroom into these areas.

At Redfox Builders, we take pride in delivering results that not only meet our clients’ expectations but often exceed them. The satisfaction on our clients’ faces is what drives us to continually strive for excellence.

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