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Original bathroom with squeezed in toilet
Original bathroom layout with squeezed in toilet

Bathroom Flooring Repair and Rearrangement Project

Our recent project presented a unique challenge. A client approached us with an issue regarding their bathroom layout. The bathroom was not user-friendly, as the wash basin was situated uncomfortably close to the toilet, leaving little room for one to sit comfortably. This layout was not only inconvenient, but also did not make the best use of the available space. As a result, our task was to relocate the wash basin to the foot of the bath, creating more space around the toilet and improving the bathroom experience.


However, as we began to dismantle the fixtures, we discovered an unexpected issue. An unnoticed leak had been damaging the wooden flooring for over a year. The relentless drip had caused the wood to rot, and sections of the floor were falling apart. This required us to not only rearrange the bathroom fixtures, but also to undertake a complete flooring overhaul. We were tasked with removing the damaged sections, replacing them with new flooring, and rerouting the waste pipes and water supply lines.


At Redfox Builders, we take pride in finding solutions that meet, exceed, and exceed our clients’ expectations. For this project, we devised a comprehensive plan:

  1. Rearrange the Fixtures: We decided to relocate the wash basin to the foot of the bath. This move allowed us to free up the space around the toilet, making it more comfortable and easy to use.

  2. Flooring Repair: We undertook the task of replacing the rotten flooring with new, durable material that would withstand the test of time. This also allowed us to ensure the safety of the residents by removing any potential hazards from the damaged flooring.

  3. Plumbing Rerouting: Finally, we rerouted the waste pipes and running water supply pipes. This was done to prevent future leaks and maintain the integrity of the new flooring.


Upon completion of the project, our client expressed immense satisfaction with our work. The newly arranged bathroom allowed for better functionality and comfort, and the repaired flooring enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the space. The client was particularly pleased with our ability to adapt and address the unforeseen issues with the flooring, turning a potential problem into an opportunity for improvement.

Bathroom floor repaired

We at Redfox Builders are proud of our work, and we believe it’s a testament to our commitment to quality, adaptability, and customer satisfaction. We look forward to creating more spaces that are not just functional and safe, but also aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.